Movies I Couldn’t Finish | Gnomeo and Juliet


I could not finish this movie. It was just too painful. Which is rather unfortunate, because it was a very promising and original idea. Turning Shakespeare into an animated gnome movie may not sound awesome on paper, but the trailer made it look so great.

Once you start watching, however, you soon realize it isn’t. At all. The jokes are tiresome, dry, and quite unfunny. The puns are almost as bad. And nothing happening on screen ever interested me. It seems like the makers of Gnomeo took some of the worst bits from other unsuccessful animated ventures (Happy Feet, Chicken Little), laid them on top of a plot, then tried to add “messages”.

I got just over 40 minutes into the film. Those are 40 minutes I’ll never get back.

Note: I intend to continue the MICF (great acronym, I know) as a regular feature on the blog.