Rating System

My rating system

**** – A great movie. I don’t believe in the “perfect movie,” but if I had to make the case for one, I’d snatch one from this category. Example: Some Like it Hot.

***½ – A very good movie. I’ll have some reservations after these films, or perhaps I don’t think their stories are strong enough for a **** rating, but they definitely don’t stop me from enjoying it. Example: Terri.

*** – A good movie. These will always have some major weakness(es) or flaws, but they’re not hard to get over. Unfortunately, *** films never make my year-end top films list. Example: Edward Scissorhands.

**½ – An average movie. Flaws and weaknesses are plentiful, but these still have an element that makes it worth the watch. Example: Office Space.

** – This is the flip of **½; this is a below average movie. It has an interesting element, but its weaknesses prevent it from being anything more than a one-night-stand. Example: Lethal Weapon 3.

– You have no reason to watch this movie. Most critics have grades that go below this, but I don’t feel the need to distinguish between the qualities of anything below **. Example: Gulliver’s Travels.