Movie Confessions

by George Watches Things

Today, I take a quick second to update you all on my embarrassment level with a fun little post called Movie Confessions. Enjoy.

Which classic movie don’t you like/can’t enjoy and why?

Well, a few come to mind. The Graduate (1967) would be one. It loses a lot of stream after the big reveal. It was hard for me to understand Benjamin’s actions. I haven’t yet been a graduate, in his place. But I don’t particularly dislike the film, I just think it’s quite overrated, so it may not count.

I’m not a big fan of Being John Malkovich (1999). You can read why here. Also, I don’t think that’s a classic.

Which ten classic movies haven’t you seen yet?

Well, from the aforementioned “Top 10 Movies I’m Embarrassed I Haven’t Seen” post, I have since screened Drive, The Dark Knight, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Up in the Air, City Lights, and The Godfather. So, I’ll start with the remaining classics from that list, and add others it’s really time I see:

  1. The Godfather: Part II (1974)
  2. 8 1/2 (1963)
  3. Metropolis (1927)
  4. M (1931)
  5. Persona (1966)
  6. Lawrence of Arabia (1962)
  7. 12 Angry Men (1957)
  8. One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest (1975)
  9. Goodfellas (1990)
  10. Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1974)

Have you ever sneaked into another movie at the cinema?

Never. I just don’t have the guts.

Which actor/actress do you think is overrated?

So many.

Katharine Hepburn got on my nerves a lot in Bringing Up Baby (1938).

But from today’s actors: Sam Worthington and Eva Mendes… I was genuinely rooting for them to drown in that hot tub/pool in Last Night (2011). And any other film they’re ever in, regardless of amount of water nearby.

I usually dislike Jack Black and Matthew McConaughey, but recent performances (The Lincoln Lawyer (2011) for Matt, Bernie (2012) for Jack but not Matt) have made me like them more.

And even with Brothers (2009), I’ve never been a big Tobey Maguire guy.

Emma Stone is great and all, but does she need to be in everything? Save some stuff for Jessica Chastain.

Jury’s still out on Christian Bale. I’m not really into Colin Farrell.

From which big director have you never seen any movie (and why)?

Oh, so many. I’m still starting out on my cinematic journey (or whatever). Fellini jumps to mind.

Which movie do you love, but is generally hated?

That’s a good question. I have a lot more films that most people love but I hate, but sure, I’ll play along. I like Glory Road (2006), but I don’t love it, and I don’t think it’s hated. Is Red State (2011) hated? I know one of my friends hates Beetle Juice (1988).

Have you ever been “one of those annoying people” at the cinema?

No. And I haven’t encountered that many, either. (Well… outside of family members.) I’m a good and lucky audience member.

Did you ever watch a movie, which you knew in advance would be bad, just because of a specific actor/actress was in it? Which one and why?

No, but if I ever did, I would do it for Charlize Theron. Or Audrey. Or Chaplin. But I don’t think he’s ever made a bad picture. For directors: Hitchcock and Billy Wilder, for sure. I’m working on seeing their entire filmography.

Did you ever not watch a specific movie because it had subtitles?

Actually, I choose to watch specific films later than I normally would if I don’t have the attention to commit to a subtitled film. Same with overly dramatic films. But I always get back to them. I love foreign films!

Are there any movies in your collection that you have had for more than five years and never watched?

Yes, but none of them purchased by me. I’ll get some films as gifts and let them sit there because I’m not really interested in them. There is one exception, though: All Quiet on the Western Front (1930). I found the DVD of it hidden in the corner of my “collection” a few months ago. I didn’t even know I had it, but now I’ll watch it.

Which are the worst movies in your collection and why do you still own them?

I don’t think RV (2006) is a terrible film. Hear me out! Robin Williams isn’t that annoying. It doesn’t take any turn you wouldn’t expect it to. It just sits there and delivers poop jokes and Will Arnett.

Do you have any confessions about your movie watching setup at home?

No Bluray. (Is the ‘r’ capitalized? See, I don’t even know.) I didn’t know my TV was an HDTV, and I didn’t really know what Bluray was. Some films can be seen in HD on Netflix, so that’s fine. I don’t need to pamper myself too much. Eventually, I’ll get a Bluray, but that stuff is expensive. I buy VHS tapes at local shops or online just because they’re so much cheaper. I own a two-tape set of The Godfather (1972), as well as this huge Charlie Chaplin set.

Any other confessions you want to make?

Feel free to ask me questions in the comments, but I don’t think I have anything else.