Liebster Blog Award

by George Watches Things

Okay, so I’m doing this. And two people nominated me, so I’ll answer all 22 of their questions. Jenkakio and Cinematic.

1. Each person must post eleven things about themselves
2. Answer the eleven questions the person giving the award has set for you
3. Create eleven questions for the people you will be giving the award to
4. Choose eleven people to award and send them a link to your post
5. Go to their page and tell them
6. No tag backs

Here are my 11 facts:

  1. My favorite food is Chicken Quesadillas.
  2. But I love cheating on them with Italian food.
  3. I keep a spreadsheet of all the movies I’ve ever seen.
  4. I’m only 16 years old.
  5. I’m the editor-in-chief of my high school’s newspaper. And it’s damned decent.
  6. I drive a black 1997 Toyota RAV-4 L, and I don’t see what’s so L about it, but I love it anyway.
  7. I eat healthy. Hummus Popped Chips are a great alternative to nasty regular chips, and orange juice beats cola every day.
  8. I didn’t get Community at first.
  9. I will always defend and love Rihanna, even though I don’t really enjoy some of her recent music or find her particularly likable. It’s complicated.
  10. I once asked Santa Claus for a sister. But he “ran out of those.”
  11. I frequently yell at my TV. But only when politics are on.

Questions from Jenkakio, with answers below:

What’s your biggest accomplishment?

My #5 fact.

If you could go back to college again, what would you major in?  If you never been to college, what would you major in if you went?

Cinema and Media Studies. Or Film Studies. Or Journalism.

Who’s your favorite family member and why?

They’re all my favorite! But really, it’s my cat Amy. I named her after Amy Poehler.

What memory would you re-live again?

There are plenty and too many to think about. Gotta keep moving forward!

What’s the last thing you won?

First place in Texas for news writing or something.

What’s the best thing about the 90′s?

I was born. Or Pulp Fiction.

What the worst thing about the 90′s?

I don’t remember.

What TV commercial do you not like?

All of the Kit-Kat ones. They just don’t make that sound.

If you could be in any movie, which one would it be?

I wouldn’t want to be in any movie. I’d like to be on Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23, though.

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be and why?

Not to brag, but I’m going to Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji next summer. I’m so excited.

How did our blogs meet?

I really don’t know! How did they? For most people, it’s when I was Freshly Pressed (thanks again, WordPress), but I remember you from before. Also, did you like that terrible brag in the last sentence? I did.

Questions from Cinematic, with answers below:

1. What’s a movie that you think is terrible but you enjoy anyway?

RV, the Robin Williams vehicle. It was okay!

2. What movie received positive reviews but you don’t like?

Recently, Prometheus. But some people hated it, so maybe The Secret of Kells.

3. Is there a movie which you disliked the first time but liked later?

A lot of movies grow on me (Young Adult, recently), but only one comes to mind: Despicable Me.

4. If you can meet any director/actor/producer, who would it be?

Charlize Theron. Or Mike Leigh. Or Cristian Mungiu. Or Amy Poehler!

5. If you could change one award at the Oscars, which one would it be?

I’m sure some might say “give Citizen Kane the Oscar,” but I LOVE that it didn’t win. It was voted as the best film ever for… how many… 40 years? The Oscar is one award, and it means less than we think it means. I wouldn’t really change any awards. Even though I disagree most of their choices each year.

6. If there was one movie you could watch over and over for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Some Like it Hot, my favorite of all-time.

7. What film would you like to see a remake of?

I’d pick a good film, but I’m afraid a remake would ruin it. I’d pick a bad film, but I really don’t want to see that. And I’d pick a foreign film, but maybe we should learn to leave those alone.

8. Do you refuse to watch any movie from a certain actor or director just because you didn’t like one of their films?

Well, I dislike a bunch of actors, but if I become interested in a project, I’ll watch the final result.

9. Who is your favorite director?

Billy Wilder/Alfred Hitchcock. Among living/working: I don’t know. Maybe Woody Allen?

10. Which film do you wish had never been made?

Basically any of the crappy mainstream action films that open each weekend. Meanwhile, I have to drive 50 miles each way to see something good like Moonrise Kingdom, Beasts of the Southern Wild, or The Master?

11. What is your favorite moment in any film?

The ends of Some Like it Hot and The Apartment.

My 11 questions

  1. What is your favorite book?
  2. What is your grandfather’s middle name?
  3. Tell a funny travel story.
  4. Tell a sad travel story.
  5. What do you most want for your birthday/anniversary/religious or non-religious gift-giving holiday?
  6. Do you ever let your political views get in the way of friendships?
  7. Would you rather receive any property in any spot in the world for free but not be able to go out of a 100-mile radius OR be banned from living in any property for more than a month but have a 70% discount on hotels, airfare, and gas? (Yes, it’s complex, I know.)
  8. What is the first film you ever remember seeing?
  9. What is your least favorite color?
  10. What is on your keychain?
  11. Music or talk radio? Explain why, please.