2009 Mini-Reviews

by George Watches Things

District 9

District 9 had an interesting premise, but I was not pleased by the follow-through. I never bought the story, scenes (and lives) at the end go on too long, and there is little depth. This is just a popcorn movie, but it could have been so much more.


Humpday too had a great premise. And it’s more memorable than District 9. Unfortunately, I’m not an accomplishment-less 30-year-old, and that’s who this movie was made for. The movie could have been meatier, and some of the personal drama of these two men could have been played up more, but I’ll hold off on too much criticism until I am a 30-year-old without an accomplishment. At least I enjoyed it more than Old Joy (which some of you may remember that I slammed for being ‘boring’ last year)!

Star Trek

Star Trek is not just typical summer fare. JJ Abrams knows how to make a movie. The action sequences are compelling and everything is so slick. The film maintains originality, despite being a reboot of an old franchise. The scenes with Old Spock didn’t particularly bother me when I last saw it, but I recognize the idea is silly.


This is what we’ve come to expect from Pixar. You’ve got the great, colorful visuals and the highly complex, equally colorful characters to match. Up is firmly rooted just a little outside reality, but it’s consistent, and that’s all that matters. And what Up mini-review would be complete without mentioning how touching the montage at the beginning is?

Where the Wild Things Are

I am not Max from Where the Wild Things Are. From what I remember, I am none of these characters, in fact. And I didn’t really connect with this kid and his quest for answers at all. I don’t remember the “bookend scenes” that some people enjoyed so much, so I do plan to rewatch at least parts of the film.

Next time: Up in the Air (available for rental on iTunes).