The Films of 2009 Festival

by George Watches Things

Today, I would like to tell you what’s going to be happening over the next few months. Immediately after I finish with the Best of the Decades (and I will be doubling up, so they end in two weeks), I’ll start The Films of 2009 Festival.

What is ‘The Films of 2009 Festival’?

Each week, I’ll watch and review a film that was released in 2009. I’ll announce each week’s film on the previous week’s post. So far, I’ve only seen 28 films from that year, but I found a large number on Netflix Instant that I can view and you can follow along with. I’ll also look into acquiring all the Academy Award Best Picture nominees I haven’t seen yet. At the end (October, I’m thinking?), I’ll announce my choices for Best Picture, Actor, Actress, Director, etc. from among all the 2009 films I have seen at that point.

I really hope we all enjoy this, and some of you follow along. Thank you.