Welcome to Remote Access

by George Watches Things

Well. Hello there, and welcome to my new blog. (Actually, it’s the same blog, it’s just I’ve selected a nice name for it.) Do you like it? These weeks were extremely busy, but now that the distractions that keep me from watching TV and movies are settling down, I’ll write more.

I had an idea, though. Since I only started truly loving film in late 2009, I thought I’d work backwards to fill in the holes in my education.  Looking over my Netflix Queue, I think I’ve found about 30 movies from 2009 that I’d be interested in watching between now and [virtually whenever], doing a write-up after seeing five at a time. I’d also track down the Best Picture nominees and sprinkle in the 30-odd films I’ve already seen from the year, and declare the best film and performances and all of that.

Who would be interested in something like that? And who has a Netflix account? Also, any other suggestions?