Sitcom March Madness: Elite Nine

by George Watches Things

Today, we have some major results to reveal. Additionally, we have some Final Four deciding to do. See you Friday!

  1. Congrats to Frasier for defeating Fawlty Towers by one vote.
  2. Sorry to I Love Lucy, who would have defeated Fawlty Towers by a good margin, but lost to Frasier because Frasier was chosen to move on. (Vote margins: Lucy 59, Fawlty 41 … Frasier 53, Lucy 47.)
  3. Parks and Recreation (GO PAWNEE) and Seinfeld are tied with 11 votes apiece, so we’ll have to do this sort of play-in game again. Winner plays The Office (UK), so (not to editorialize) but this is for the Final Four, guys.
  4. The Simpsons trounced The Addams Family. Shocking. Speaking of shocking, The Simpsons will have to do battle with The Office (US) next, since it beat 30 Rock. No, it’s not shocking that it beat 30 Rock (although that is upsetting), but it is shocking that both Offices made it to the field of 8.
  5. M*A*S*H defeated Louie and will play the aforementioned Frasier next.
  6. My pick, Arrested Development, will be matched up with South Park, killer of Community, next. Watch out, live-action cult comedy!

Sitcom Bracket – Nine Left