Half-Hour TV Comedy March Madness

by George Watches Things

Welcome back, folks. I hope you missed me while I was on hiatus! [Insert double segue here.] Speaking of Community, don’t you love half-hour TV comedies? Because I do. I love them so much, I wanna take them behind the middle school and get them pregnant. That’s why I decided to make this bracket and let you vote on the best half-hour TV comedies of all-time. Have fun!

I’m interested… what will my readers choose as their favorite/the best sitcom of all time. I’m not looking for general opinion… I’m looking for yours! I have carefully selected, seeded, and matched-up 64 sitcoms from all eras. Now, below the bracket itself, please vote. You’ll have 2 days to vote. Thanks so much!

Note: I messed up and added Diff’rent Strokes twice. Not to worry, though, I had an alternate, and replaced it in the poll.

2012 Bracket