…and then Community returned, and all was right with the world

by George Watches Things

Today, we discuss Community.

Well, NBC? Don’t you feel so much better now? You should. You done good. Now cancel Are You There, Chelsea? and I’ll finally be satisfied. Also, a few more seasons of Community would be nice.

Anyway, this is good, but it messes with my schedule this week something fierce. I always wear my #AnniesMove t-shirt on Thursdays, but this week I get to wear it twice. I usually skip watching 30 Rock live because it makes me feel guilty for contributing to the ratings (Parks doesn’t get that treatment… they deserve my views much more), but now I get/have to watch it (oh, come on, 30 Rock fans… you know it peaked four years ago). Not only that, but I was beginning to actively promote Abed’s precious Cougar Town. I can’t encourage my friends to watch two shows at once! That’s illegal!

And I had a post I spent a lot of time (5-12 minutes) on that is now somewhat useless. The intro for it was:

Today, in a feature I will update fortnightly until Community gets renewed and as a result I lose interest, I break down each of the four big American TV networks’ schedules to see what stays and what gets taken to the dump.

Obviously this Community thing is good news, but you couldn’t have saved the news for tomorrow? In said post (which I will now just make a page for), I claimed Community was likely to be renewed.

This is extremely good news. 30 Rock wasn’t working out at 8:00, and Community returning to that timeslot means NBC isn’t going to see where it can or can’t pull better or worse ratings. They understand what Community‘s ratings are, and they are accepting it. I still say Community is likely to be renewed, and with a few good showings from those Nielsen families, I might even bump it up to certain renewal.

Anyway, here’s NBC’s Thursday schedule as of March 15:

8:00 — Community

8:30 — 30 Rock

9:00 — The Office

9:30 — Up All Night

And here’s what happens on April 19:

8:00 — Community

8:30 — 30 Rock

9:00 — The Office

9:30 — Parks and Recreation

I’m good with this. See you then, human beings.

Notes about the fate of the blog:

  • Here’s the link to the page with the TV predictions.
  • I was recently on an Oscar roundtable. You should check it out. (And then watch Community. And maybe also Cougar Town if you really feel like it.)
  • I may begin to write about TV soon. Is that something you guys would want?
  • Sorry if this post is sloppy. I think I took too long (5-12 minutes) writing it.
  • Next time on the blog: my Oscar predictions. Let’s hope NBC doesn’t spoil that post for me either. (Even though everyone knows who’s going to win Best Picture, anyway.)