Super Commercials

by George Watches Things

This evening, we look at some of the notable commercials that aired during the Super Bowl. If you are unfamiliar with America’s highest rated reality show, start here and eventually read this. I will break the commercials into five categories: great, good, average, bad, and the worst. I’ll post the commercial titles as links when YouTube videos of them become available. They are in order of appearance. Note: this is my 100th post. So that’s cool.




  • NFL We Play For You
  • Bridgestone Deion Sanders
  • Tax Act Totally Pee
  • Coca-Cola Polar Bear Wide Receiver
  • The Avengers trailer
  • E-Trade Speed Dating
  • Jay Leno Like a Virgin
  • LMFAO Half Time
  • Polar Bear Noooo
  • Acura Seinfeld
  • Mazda Weird Montage
  • Reliant Weird Bachelor
  • Bud Light We Go
  • NBC Thursday Comedy promo


  • Bud Light Platinum
  • Hyundai Cheetah
  • M&M Naked
  • Budweiser Prohibition
  • Doritos You Didn’t See Nuthin’
  • Chevy Graduation
  • Fiat Whipped Cream
  • Oikos Headbutt
  • Budweiser Nostalgia
  • Bridgestone Sleeping Baby
  • Hyundai Success in Business
  • Kia Optima Dream Car
  • Samsung Over the Top

The Worst