Best 2011 App, Game Category

by George Watches Things

The runner-ups, in alphabetical order:

Angry Birds

Mine and Dine

I really do think that the world is suffering from over-Angry-Birding. I didn’t even finish some of the last levels. Birds has seen better days. Price: $0.99 upgrade, as well as a free edition.

Baseball Superstars 2011

Technically, it was released in 2010, but it has 2011 in the title, so I get to include it. It’s more stylish than 2010, yet more beautifully modest than its successor, BS II. If you want a big, PC-style game, get this. Price: $0.99 upgrade, as well as a free edition.

Flick Homerun

This game is crazy easy and crazy addictive. I got it for free, but unfortunately, it’s currently priced at $0.99. If you want a simple game that allows you to hit a bunch of home runs, get this.

Gravity Guy

I would watch a TV show about this concept.

“Style to burn”? Yes, sir; it has it. Fun escape game? That’s exactly what it is. Amazing sounds and music? That’s the best highlight. Price: $0.99 upgrade, as well as a free edition.

Hanging with Friends

Words with Friends is really fun, but it didn’t come out in 2011. This is hangman with friends, where Words is Scrabble. This one is must. Price: free, as well as an upgrade (that I don’t think is worth it).

Tiny Tower

It won iTunes’ Best Game of the Year award, and it’s my #1 runner-up. Simplicity is its secret to success. Price: free.

Tiny Wings

This is the most stylish on the list. It too is simple, but not as much as others. I feel as if I discovered this one, as I downloaded it one day before all of my friends. I win! Price: $0.99.

And the winner is…

Angry Birds Seasons

Easter Eggs

Why are we over-Angry-Birded? Because Angry Birds Seasons has been much better than its parent app. Each chapter is fresh and new. This game creates new worlds and then knocks them down with little birds. It has captured the magic and novelty that the original AB had last year.

This is the last non-movies post I’ll do for awhile. Next post up: best supporting performances of 2011.