My Wishes for 2012

by George Watches Things

For Community to come back and then get renewed

Community is an excellent TV program, and NBC made a mistake when they yanked it. I not only want it to finish out its third season, but I want eight more in writing, please and thank you. (Side note: Will Arnett has now appeared in all of NBC’s Thursday night comedies; 30 RockParks and RecThe Office, and Up All Night… let’s not count The Firm as a comedy.)

More videos on demand

Melancholia and Margin Call did it, why can’t others? I really wanted to see The Descendants and The Artist, but the only screen they were playing on in my area was miles away. This one starts with ole Oscar changing his rules about movies released on VOD.

For Steve Carell to join the cast of 30 Rock for their seventh and final season

After Alec Baldwin retires, I’d like to see Carell come in an play the same character, Jack Donaghy, for a short seventh season. They would find some clever way to let him play Michael Scott playing Donaghy.

A great new theme that my readers don’t hate

As much as I love the Hitchcock font and the white on black, it inhibits menus, widgets, and commas in titles. Plus, I’ve gotten complaints about it being hard to read. (Any suggestions, by the way?)

Higher quality

This one is a bit of a promise, from me to you. No more mouthwash. Cayman Thorn was right, I’ll just end up washing posts like that away. I should aim higher, and in 2012, I will.

Reader interaction

I got cocky, and I thought the Reader Filmtooth awards would work. Well, they didn’t. So? I’ll try harder.

More stuff

Things I’m planning for 2012: a month about movies about cities, more outside voices, other stuff, better stuff, more stuff, and some of the usual stuff.

Thanks for reading this, and I hope we have a great 2012 together.