Best 2011 App, Non-Game Category

by George Watches Things

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The runner-ups, in alphabetical order:

EW Must List

If you love pop culture, you’ll love this app. It shows you everything you need to check out in each given week. Things discovered thanks to this app: Weekend, Page Eight, Woody Allen: A Documentary. Price: free.


I have downloaded a lot of photography apps, but this is one of the best. It doesn’t have as many filters as, say, 100 Cameras, but the quality of those (about 10) filters are much better than the 100 that others have. Price: free.

Leonard Maltin Movie Guide

Stop. Don’t buy any print version of Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guides ever again! This app has all of the movies he’s ever reviewed in one spot, and it’s only $1.99. I hate to sound like an advertisement, but this app is amazing. Also, it was this year’s best film app.


A beautiful and useful restaurant suggestion app. Unlike its competitors, it bases its suggestions off of your ratings of restaurants you’ve already been to. Price: free.


You get points for tapping things on the screen! Genius! Price: free.

Show of Hands

This is the ultimate polling app, from politics to which way the toilet paper should hang. It’s supposed to hang over, by the way. Price: free.


I love apps that learn about what you want. StumbleUpon is an interesting app, but you can’t feel it getting smarter each time you open it. Zite is a news app that gives you that feeling. Price: free.

And the winner is


This is the best panorama app ever. I deleted another panorama app that cost $1.99 to make room for this one. It’s easy to use, and the photos come out looking like one photo, not 17 photos stitched together. Price: completely free.