Worst Purchase (Made By Me) of 2011 — Shamwow Memorial Award

by George Watches Things

I once purchased a Shamwow. Guess what? It’s a towel. It’s one of the worst decisions I’ve ever made. But these two are worse:

The two co-winners of the 2011 Shamwow Memorial Award are…

My 2nd ESPN The Magazine Subscription and “Vomit Chocolates”

I missed two issues of ESPN The Magazine in January, so naturally, I assumed I had messed up when ordering my subscription. Somehow, that was wrong. The magazines came from then on, but (save for the first time) always in groups of two. I renewed for another year, but only once.

“What are ‘vomit chocolates’?” you may ask. No, they aren’t supposed to taste like vomit. Apparently, they’re supposed to taste like “Magic.” They do taste like vomit, though. If you ever see these chocolates, please do not buy them, unless you’re feeling very, very adventurous.