Best 2011 Film App

by George Watches Things

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The runner-ups, in alphabetical order:


It’s a simple database with movies and their Rotten Tomatoes score and reviews. Plus, it gives you a free Ultraviolet movie! It could be a lot better, but there’s no alternative. (IMDb doesn’t count, since they’re not Rotten Tomatoes.) Price: free.


Clever and cute, MovieCat is a fun and original movie trivia game. Apparently, the price has gone up to $1.99 since I got it for free about a year ago. I still think it’s worth it, though.


Come on, guys, it’s Netflix. Instant access is what it’s all about. It’s free, but you can only stream if you have a subscription (that’ll run $7.99 a month). Get it now.

Roger Ebert’s Great Movies

Its design is in need of an update, and so is its system (I don’t really know what I’m talking about), but it offers offline access to in-depth Ebert reviews of some of the greatest movies ever made. Initially $1.99, it’s not $0.99 and worth every penny.

And the winner is

Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide

Stop. Don’t buy any print version of Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guides ever again! This app has all of the movies he’s ever reviewed in one spot, and it’s only $1.99. I hate to sound like an advertisement, but this app is amazing. As winner of this award, it will have a spot among the nominees for Best App.

So… what did I miss?