Best New TV Series of 2011

by George Watches Things

Honorable mentions

The readers: American Horror Story (FX), Boss (Starz), The Chicago Code (Fox), DLHQ (ESPN2), Erin Burnett OutFront (CNN), Game of Thrones (HBO), Hell on Wheels (AMC), The Killing (AMC), Ringer (CW), The Secret Circle (ABC), The Shadow Line (BBC Two), Skins (MTV), Suits (USA)

Me: Free Agents (NBC), New Girl (Fox), Numbers Never* Lie (ESPN2), Up All Night (NBC)


The readers: Bob’s Burgers (Fox)

An early 2011 release, but a hilarious one.” Fox liked it enough, and it’ll be back for a second season in March 2012.

Me: Retired at 35 (TV Land)

Let me explain. I had no expectation going into this, another January release. But what I found, in episodes after the pilot, was a good time. The concept isn’t extraordinary, but I enjoy (yes, here comes the cliche) spending time with these characters. Especially Jessica Walter’s character. In March, TV Land renewed it for a second season.


The readers: Revenge (ABC)

It definitely could be better…” No big, happy reader quote for this one, and I don’t watch it, so… hey the critics like it! And ABC picked it up for a full season.


¿Dan LeBatard really is highly questionable, isn’t he? This new ESPN2 show is fun, punchy, Latin, and very edited.


The readers: 2 Broke Girls (CBS)

I have heard some horrific things about this show, but have never watched. My (few) readers, however, do watch it, and seem to like it a lot. I’ll give you guys a pass on this one, but only if you give me a pass on Retired at 35. CBS has picked it up for a full season.

Me: Ebert Presents: At the Movies (PBS)

This is the latest reincarnation of Siskel and Ebert, produced by Roger Ebert. The hosts, Christy Lemire and Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, are very capable, and the bonus bits are fun too. However, due to money problems, this show will be leaving PBS. #sixseasonsandamovie


The readers: New Girl (Fox)

This pick should come as a surprise to no one. I’ve seen a few episodes, myself, and there’s something utterly charming about it. There hasn’t been a really successful new show this fall, but if you had to make a case for one, this would be your show. It was the first show to be picked up this fall.

Me: Happy Endings (ABC)

There’s a connection between these two (you get a gold star if you know what it is). Happy Endings’ first season was very good. Happy Endings’ second season has been one of the best of the comedy year. Don’t listen to the labels… this is nothing like Friends (except that it follows a group of early30something-year-old friends)! This is actually a very hilarious show.

And the #1 new show of 2011 is…

According to the readers: Homeland (Showtime)

This is a Showtime original about a potential risk to national security after 9|11. I really should be watching this, but unfortunately (and for whatever reason) am not. Showtime is giving it a second season next year.

According to me: Piers Morgan Tonight (CNN)

I thought Piers Morgan was an odd choice to replace Larry King (I thought it would be Anderson Cooper or Nancy Grace, but I was secretly hoping for Joy Behar). But then, I realized than anyone would be an upgrade from King. I know that sounds harsh, but King would ask one question, then go to break. Repeat up to 30 times, and that was his show. Piers Morgan doesn’t have to cut to break, I assume, because he isn’t as old. Plus, I like Piers Morgan, and I think his British voice makes the show that much better.

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