Last Call For Votes!

by George Watches Things

Hey, guys! This is your last chance to vote for the following Filmtooth Award awards:
  • Best Voice Alive — Your top 5, un-ranked (winner announced December 9)
  • Best New TV Show of 2011 — Your top 5, ranked (winner announced December 11)

Please comment or email me with your top 5. I’ll post the first tomorrow, the second on Sunday. Thanks!


I’ve been too busy to do these reviews, so I’ll just tell you how I felt about Limitless and X-Men here.

Limitless was brainless entertainment. It should have been better, but I don’t regret watching it. I’ve never seen any X-Men films, so I wasn’t sure what exactly was going on during First Class. It was all right. I’m sure fans enjoyed it more than I did.