The Best 2010 Films I Didn’t Get Around to Seeing Until After The Oscars

by George Watches Things

And we’re rolling. Welcome to the 1st Annual Filmtooth Awards. I have nothing else to say.

The runner-ups, in alphabetical order:

Four Lions is a daring black comedy about terrorists. No wait, don’t skip to the next one yet… it’s actually good! The last scene floored me… hard. I highly recommend this one.

There are haters and there are lovers. The Swedish version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (David Fincher’s US version coming soon) has more haters than lovers, despite having more likers than dislikers. Lizbeth being cloaked in mystery and the Hollywood ending did not repel me.

This was the first movie I cried at in a long, long time. It was tragic but somehow entertaining. I loved the way it showed us the end when it meant nothing to us, then replayed it when we understood it.

Applauded for the handling of its dark subject matter, the death of a child, Rabbit Hole is moving and heartfelt. It improves with each viewing.

And the winner is

Ah yes. The film I named the award after. Fellow film snobs, Greece’s Dogtooth is a must. It will blow your mind up multiple times. I wrote a review for it a couple of months ago, but I feel I should see and review it again. Then repeat.


Φ Next award: Most Overrated Cleveland Cavalier

Φ So… what was the best 2010 film you saw after the Oscars?