The Movie Blog Food Hall of Fame, Class of 2011

by George Watches Things

I love food. And I love talking about food, when I’m not hungry. Thanksgiving is a day some foodies may live for. But not me. Sure, I like turkey. Cranberries are pretty chill. And mashed potatoes? That’s fine. But I don’t really love any of the food traditionally ingested on Thanksgiving.

Stuffing and pumpkin pie come the closest, but on any other day of the year, I’d much rather eat stuff I love.

Now, I don’t love all the things on the FHOF (gotta love those initials) ballot, but that’s okay! You’re the ones voting for it, so if you love them, you’ll let them in. And you have spoken:

  1. Dr. Pepper (yay!) with 22.5%
  2. Strawberry Cheesecake (yay!) with 19.7%
  3. Hawaiian Pizza (a surprising yay!) with 14.1%

So… what did you vote for? What foods do you love? What should be on next year’s ballot?

And now, the notes finally return:

  • The Godfather and The Godfather Part II are both on today on AMC, but I’ve decided to spend my time with my family. Just kidding. I don’t want to sit through the commercials, so I have purchased The Godfather on VHS (yes, I still have a VCR) on Amazon for about $2.
  • I used bold a lot in this post. You like?
  • Next time: we start our year-end awards! (I should have a review coming out before the end of the month, so don’t worry.)