Behind the Blog

by George Watches Things

In honor of the late great Andy Rooney…

I had a thought last night. “My how fascinating it would be for my readers to get a ‘peek behind the curtain’.” And that’s why I am making this post.

Making a post (like this one)

First, I start out with a title.

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Then I put stuff in the text area.

Note that I changed the title. This is not uncommon for posts like these. Chances are I’ll change it again before I actually post it.

This is what it’ll look like if I post it now:

I do not like this. Let me publicly state that I do not support the decision of the creator of my blog style to indent only certain lines. But since I can’t do anything about it, we’re moving on.

Making a review

I like to take notes, if possible, while I’m watching a film. I don’t need to, but I don’t really remember the stray observations I make unless I take notes. Also, no funny lines get placed in “notes.” Sometimes, I’ll take notes straight into my review post. This is what raw notes look like:

Most of these notes won’t make it into the main text of the review, which is why I created “notes” sections at the end of each of my reviews. It gives me a place to put all of the funny lines (like the AV Club does) and other irrelevant observations I made. This is how I set that up:

  • Funny lines
  • Observations that don’t make the review
  • Where the film is available
  • Suggestions for other films you may enjoy
  • If it’s a 2011 film, where it ranks among the best of the year
  • Posts coming soon

Now here is a refined review page:

Eventually, I’ll segregate those one line notes into paragraphs and add details. If I do a good job, it looks like this. If I don’t, it looks like this (viewer discretion strongly advised).

Other stuff I want to tell you about

These are posts I may or may not be working on:

I’ll be changing my format next year, and here’s why:

Okay. I’ll explain.

  1. The menus are at the bottom! No one can see them!
  2. The older posts are even further at the bottom! No one gets to them!
The future of this blog

I’ll be awarding some awards to some folks in December or January. I’m thinking the film awards will be named after my favorite film last year and the rest will just be “the silver bloggers.” We’ll see, though.

The 2011 MovieBlog8 Food Hall of Fame Class will be enshrined on Thanksgiving day. You should vote now!

Okay, that’s all I have to say for now. Stay tuned for some reviews and other fun stuff. I love you guys. Bye.