Top 5 Most Anticipated Fall Movies

by George Watches Things

I stole this idea from I did my research on

5. The Ides of March – Was included at the Venice Film Festival, maybe it’ll be good, maybe it won’t.

4. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy – The name is fun to say. I’m not entirely sure what this movie is about.

3. Dream House – Trailers should never be bad. If you don’t have just over a minute of good material from your movie, it shouldn’t be getting made. I loved the trailer for Dream House, even though I don’t like being scared. I don’t have high expectations, but I hope this movie is good.

2. Moneyball – Brad Pitt. Aaron Sorkin. Baseball. Statistics. Movies. Those are a few of my favorite things.

1. Drive – Let me tell you why: it sounds interesting, and so far, it has gotten good reviews. I don’t really read reviews (I enjoy going in “cold”), but you don’t have to read reviews to figure out if a movie is going to be good on Rotten Tomatoes.

Now for my 3 least anticipated:

3. Happy Feet 2 – I didn’t really like the first one, and I’m not one for sequels. This just beat out Piranha 3DD.

2. Real Steel – What the hell is this?

1. Dolphin Tale – I don’t really like being manipulated. This looks like non-stop manipulation.