The Lincoln Lawyer (2011)

by George Watches Things


Matlock was a good show. It starts off relaxed. Then it becomes about a mystery, and these people (including Ben Matlock, who is played by Andy Griffith) who try and solve the mystery. But I always had a problem with the way it hides a key discovery from you late in each episode, shocking you with the finish, but leaving you somewhat unsatisfied.

But Matlock and The Lincoln Lawyer are two different entities. It’s clear from the first shots of The Lincoln Lawyer that Mick Haller (McConagey) is a cocky, slick, and sly man; Ben Matlock isn’t, instead he’s a good-hearted southerner with a laid-back sense of humor.

Thankfully, one of the differences between them is that The Lincoln Lawyer doesn’t leave you unsatisfied. You know almost everything Mick does, right to the end. Unfortunately, though, the film is over-populated. There are too many characters this film tries to get you to buy and be invested in (including, but not limited to a very unnecessary Bryan Cranston). Another criticism I had was the final twist in the storyline. It was ridiculous and made no positive impact on the story or the main character.

But I appreciated it as a no-nonsense court drama that had plenty of court and plenty of drama, especially since it has structure and bona fide character evolution. In fact, of the movies I’ve seen so far this year, this one ranks as the best.